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We need your support!

We need your support!

Help us train our local heros!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Three years ago a few great minds and myself came together to discuss the future of education in Emergency Medical Services and Public Safety worldwide. I had recently returned from Iraq and after managing a health system across multiple countries I wanted to do something impactful. We knew fairly well where we wanted to go but we had to chart the course and build the mechanism of making it happen.

We have charted that territory and after three years of work with just our meager personal budget and sweat-equity we are ready to open a new chapter in education and advocacy for emergency services. We are very close and need your help!

I can tell you that in my three years on this project I personally have invested everything that I had and all of my time. I learned how NOT to do things at great personal cost (I am broke and tired). I believe it has been worthwhile and we are so very close to launching our program. If we don’t receive some help, we will be forced to close the project down.


Our organization and its education unit, The Center for Advanced Medical Training, are in the final stages of IRS Non-profit designation under 501 (c) 3. We have submitted final budget requests and expect to be approved soon, after what has been a difficult period (it can take up to 4 years according to the IRS agent we spoke with recently).


We have built an online community and learning environment for continuing and expanding education in the areas of health and public safety. In 2013 we plan to offer a diverse range of topics well beyond the remedial education that is currently in the marketplace. Our programs will also grow to include live training events and a network to form the future of public safety and the health of our communities.


I need your help in making my personal sacrifice worthwhile.  Here is how you can help!


  • Funding:We are seeking donations to help with our operating expenses. I have been paying for most of our expenses out of my pocket but I can no longer afford to do so. You can make a donation on our website or at Every bit counts!
Click here to donate at GoFundMe
  • Contributing:There are plenty of ways to contribute to our cause. Go to our website’s forums and get to chatting! Opinions, experiences, ideas are all desperately needed. Contribute to the body of knowledge on topics like: Community EMS, Leadership, Education, Advancing Practice, Tactical and Technical Rescue, and more!
  • Teaching: We are actively looking for instructors to contribute to our classes. We have multiple educational pathways and methods of delivery. We do not currently require IC status for our courses and we have a training program to help your classes excel! If you have an idea and passion, we are happy to meet with you!
  • Team members: We need to find team members to help us with upcoming fundraising events and help with administrative duties to keep our services compliant and efficient.
  • Advisory Board: We need advisory board members! Help guide us as we make the dream a reality. Collaboration and input is worth its weight in gold!
  • Advocacy: We are building a network and you can help advocate for our mission!
  • Equipment:We are always looking for equipment to help the mission. In 2013 we would like to acquire an ambulance for our training initiative in very rural areas of the state. In addition we need:
    • Meeting and office space
    • An additional computer (used is OK)
    • Modern ALS Monitor/ Defibrillators
    • Training mannequins/ simulation

There is still a lot of ground to cover and we need your help. Suggestions, donations, and input are the key to our success.

It is with humility that I ask for your help in getting us where we need to be since we are so close!


Sean Haaverson


Emergency Services Outreach, Inc.

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Sean Haaverson Administrator
Sean P. Haaverson has been involved in Emergency Services since 2000 when he started out as a volunteer fire fighter in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Over the span of his career he has experience working in multiple levels of emergency services: dispatch, rural and urban EMS, hospital care, austere and remote duty medicine, flight medicine, administration and teaching. He is currently a licensed Paramedic with certification in Critical Care and Remote Duty Medicine. Sean holds a BAAS degree focused in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services Management. Sean serves as the co-founder and President/CEO of Emergency Services Outreach and the Center for Advanced Medical Training. He is also the National Association of EMT’s State Advocacy Coordinator for New Mexico.
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