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Heroes 4 Heroes Has Your Back this Thanksgiving

Heroes 4 Heroes Has Your Back this Thanksgiving

Heroes 4 Heroes Wishes a Happy Thanksgiving for Everyone

We all know that holidays are the hardest of times for everyone.  The majority of us run more psychiatric calls around the big holidays, and that is something that we are used to.  But, at the same time we typically try to suppress our own emotions, which is not healthy or effective.  So as the holidays are now upon us, we need to keep a close eye on ourselves and our brothers and sisters.

First Responders, whether it is Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, and even ER staff, are fantastic at pretending that our trauma is not real, that we need to swallow it and bury it deep down inside.  Many of us may not even know the typical signs to watch out for in others to say that they are in need of help.  For the most part society as a whole says that depressed people are in need of help when they are at their lowest, and are safer when they are happy.  However, that is not an accurate statement.  It is far more urgent when someone who has been depressed is all of a sudden happy and acts as if there is not a care in the world.  So, remember we need to reach out to each other regardless of how they appear on the outside, because on the inside their world can be crashing down.

During these holidays, do not be afraid to ask for help.  Do not be afraid to sit and talk with someone.  Do not be afraid to seek professional help.  Talking to someone, talking to a therapist is NOT a sign of weakness, it is empowering to yourself because it shows you that there is hope.  It shows that the darkest of times are not the end, but that there is a future beyond the internal battle.

Reach out to people, and if needed call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.  The NM Crisis Hotline  1-855-662-7474.  If you are looking for professional help then reach out to Allies for First Responders at 505-315-7397.

Keep an eye out for new information about our first peer support group meeting coming in December.

Remember that you are not alone, and IT IS OK TO NOT BE OK.

Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, reach out to help one another and if you need help reach out.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends, or if you are on shift stay safe, stay warm and we thank you.

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Sean Haaverson Administrator
Sean P. Haaverson has been involved in Emergency Services since 2000 when he started out as a volunteer fire fighter in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Over the span of his career he has experience working in multiple levels of emergency services: dispatch, rural and urban EMS, hospital care, austere and remote duty medicine, flight medicine, administration and teaching. He is currently a licensed Paramedic with certification in Critical Care and Remote Duty Medicine. Sean holds a BAAS degree focused in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services Management. Sean serves as the co-founder and President/CEO of Emergency Services Outreach and the Center for Advanced Medical Training. He is also the National Association of EMT’s State Advocacy Coordinator for New Mexico.
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