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Join the Emergency Services Outreach Team

Join our amazing team!

At Emergency Services Outreach, Inc. we need your help to grow and meet our mission. I have travelled across the US this year and the need for excellent education for our small and volunteer departments and providers is stronger than ever. Our conviction is unwavering. Help us in a few different ways:


Join or recommend someone to serve on our Board of Directors

  • Directors meet once a month to provide direction to the organization in meeting its mission
  • Your guidance will change and save lives
  • We are seeking a director with experience in Financial services or Law

Serve as our Fundraising Coordinator of on the Fundraising Committee

  • We have great ideas for some fun events! We just need help organizing
  • Grant writing and donor relations are essential
  • It’s a very rewarding position- we can’t exist without you!

Help us keep our website and blog in order

  • Very friendly website design on the back-end with a world-class educational platform
  • Help us with frequent updates and blog posts from our content experts
  • Provide social media connections to those we serve and our community
  • Your help goes a very long way. Even a few hours a month would help us grow!
  • See the descriptions of our positions in our Open Positions page

Become an AHA instructor

  • We teach all AHA disciplines from First Aid and CPR to Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Learn from our seasoned team
  • Comparable pay for your time
  • Professional clients
  • We will provide instructor training

Thank you so very much for your support of our mission to help set a new standard of education and make it available to everyone!

Sean Haaverson

President and Founder

Emergency Services Outreach, Inc.

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Sean Haaverson Administrator
Sean P. Haaverson has been involved in Emergency Services since 2000 when he started out as a volunteer fire fighter in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Over the span of his career he has experience working in multiple levels of emergency services: dispatch, rural and urban EMS, hospital care, austere and remote duty medicine, flight medicine, administration and teaching. He is currently a licensed Paramedic with certification in Critical Care and Remote Duty Medicine. Sean holds a BAAS degree focused in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services Management. Sean serves as the co-founder and President/CEO of Emergency Services Outreach and the Center for Advanced Medical Training. He is also the National Association of EMT’s State Advocacy Coordinator for New Mexico.
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