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Brazil = T-minus one day!

Well, I’ve got one more day before I leave for Brazil.  After a day of scrambling, packing, and making final arrangements, I should be seated comfortably for 11+ hours on a large, yet way too small, airplane.  I’m excited because I already have a decent schedule confirmed to teach adult and infant CPR.  I’ll be teaching 3 times a week in the favela of Rocinha and also have a date confirmed with Brazilian Top Team (one of the top fight schools in Brazil) to teach their instructors CPR.  To learn more about the favela of Rocinha, watch a documentary I made detailing daily life in one of Brazil’s most notorious slums:  Rocinha: A Look from Within

I will try to post blogs and photos on a regular basis, keeping you up to date on my Brazil outreach experience.

Diego Deane

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